Thursday, January 21, 2010

R.I.P. Bob Mcwhinnie

For those who didn't know Bob, He is the only reason why my local town of Kimberley B.C. had a dirt jump park, skate park and swimming pool. He has played a major roll in my life as a person and a rider. Bob died of lung cancer and lasted a year longer then he was suppose to and I had so much I did not say to him in that year but never felt the right chance. Bob was always the substitute teacher in middle school and high school. We did not get along at all but as a grew older I learned to respect him. Then he asked if I could help him with the local mountain bike park and me and Bob along with many others made a old local dump into a vary nice and clean bike park.

When Bob was sick it did not matter if he was in good condition or bad condition he would be down at the skate park or bike park raking or just cleaning or sitting there thinking. To him it is not just a local area for kids but it was his place to think and his mark on the world. It was his way of showing that the little town of Kimberley needed a change. That change made a major impact on many people`s lifestyle`s.

Sometime`s I go to the bike park to ride by myself and to think and Bob would show up say hi ask me a couple things and if we need any dirt anywhere and tell me some of his idea`s to clean the area up. After we would sit there for hours and I would ride with my iPod in and he would sit on the bank and watch and we both would not say a word and it felt amazing riding in front of him because it would make him so proud of what he has done and me riding it is showing him how much I appreciate him and what he has done.

We have had our good times and our bad times. I think I may have been a little to hard on you when I was in middle school, But you took it pretty well. I really wouldn't blame you if you beat me, but for some reason you didn't. As I got older I gained a lot of respect for you and I don't think you understand how big of a roll you played in my life as a person and a mountain biker. I have to much to say and I am pretty sure the last thing you would want to do is check facebook. You are missed by many R.I.P. Bob.

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  1. I was a visitor in Kimberly and was really knocked out at how much respect the kids had for the skate park. Thanks for enlightening me. Was Bob a smoker ?